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Students have access to, and regularly use Lexiacore5 and MobyMax computer programs.  These programs are leveled for each individual student, allow them to advance at their individual pace, and can be used at home.  Lexiacore5 supports basic reading foundational skills up to 5th grade and MobyMax is used by most teachers to support math fluency.

Leveled Reading

In addition to the core reading / language arts program, all students participate in a leveled reading program. All students are given an initial reading inventory to assess their reading level. The results of these assessments are used to place students in reduced class size reading groups with similar skills. This allows teachers to target students’ reading needs through the use of literature studies, spelling and written language.

Student Assemblies

Each month our school has a character trait assembly. Awards are given for community life skills and classrooms give performances.  Each trimester students are recognized for attendance and academic achievement.

Student Athletics

Basketball and soccer programs are hosted in the winter and spring.  Students in grades 4-5 are allowed to participate.  Eligibility is based on weekly progress reports that support academic and behavioral goals.  

Counseling Program

Counseling is available to students at Greer School. This service is provided by Title 1 funded counselor, interns from the California State University, Sacramento and the San Juan Unified School District White House Counseling Center. Parents interested in counseling for their child may contact their child’s teacher for a referral to the program.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are welcome and needed. Research shows achievement is higher for those students whose parents volunteer. Volunteers are needed for the Art Docent Program, field tips and daily activities in the classrooms and on campus. The Greer Booster Club, our parent teacher organization, takes an active part in the school program.

CSUS Tutoring

Sacramento State undergraduate students tutor first through fourth grade students in math on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The benefit of participating in this program is that students receive additional instruction and support in a one on one setting beyond the regular school day which helps them achieve proficiency in mathematics.

Family Night

Family nights act as the school’s open house. The purpose is to see learning in action. Family nights are held approximately once per trimester. Students are accompanied by their parents to take part in literacy, math, science, physical fitness and/or craft activities. Dates are posted in the Friday Bulletin Newsletters sent home with your child.

Bridges Before/After School Program for Grades 1-5

Bridges is a free after school program funded by a grant to the San Juan Unified School District partnered with Mission Oaks Parks and Recreation District. Bridges provides homework support, school enrichment activities and positive role models for students.

School Involvement

Student involvement is a focus at Greer. For students to connect and take ownership on school, they need to take part. Students can be involved in a variety of ways throughout the year. Activities include, but are not limited to basketball, student council, conflict management academic enrichment, and intervention programs.


Teachers in 4th and 5th grade implement AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination training this summer. AVID is methodology that promotes "best teaching" practices to develop consistency in thinking, processing, and delivering information by both students and teachers. The framework WICOR (Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading to learn) Lessons, Organizational Skills, Student Success Skills, and Partnerships help students to be self-motivated and expand their personal visions of academic success and achievement. On a typical day, students will utilize a planner, organizational tools, note-taking strategies, inquiry, and an emphasis on WICOR in a variety of subjects. The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.