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Student Resources

Links for Students

Accelerated Reader

Greer Elementary School uses this reading program to support students in reading books at their appropriate level. Students and parents can sear for books by author, topics or titles of books. On this site you are able to see the books' reading level so your child can choose a book that is just right. 

Curriculum Resources
Online resources to support instruction and the Common Core State Standards 

Education for Kids

Sponsored by CANITech

The internet's #1 education site for K-8 students and teachers

A portal to online leaning games and interactive activities

HowStuff Works
Learn how everything works

A great site to learn something new

Learning Planet

Games for students K-6

Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District
You can find activities for Greer families and children 

A great PBS science program

PBS Kids
Games for younger children

Phil Tulga (Music and Academic Content Combined)
Music and education games for all ages